Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blood is thicker than Water

I've heard that my whole life. Let me tell you when blood is thicker than water:

  1. In a measuring cup
  2. On your white shirt
  3. In your sippy straw
  4. In that movie "Carrie"
  5. If you're paddling through it
Blood is only thicker than water in biology.

I just came from a family reunion which included 183 of my closest relatives. That was less than half of who was invited  With that many relatives just how thick could that blood be? 

We all wore color coordinated tee shirts and then spent half of Saturday trying to figure out who had the cool colors and who didn't. Alpha cousins? We had one of the cool colors. So did the Cunninghams and the Dudleys...who were all those people in pale beige? What did they do to deserve that? Maybe just not show up at the meetings?

We had hot pink. Fortunately I had my hot pink $2.99 Walgreen's flip flops...I was rocking.  

It was good to see everyone. Our group had a water balloon sling shot and took great pleasure in slinging water balloons at the gray cousins...poor gray cousins, they didn't have the vibrant color and then they had flying water balloons to deal with on top of that.

I realized, in this short weekend, that although I have a "family", my family was not there. My family consists of people who don't share my blood but share my feelings, my thoughts, and my love.

Blood is only thicker than water in science.

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