Friday, September 3, 2010

I don't open doors...

Someone knocked at my door a minute ago. Do you know I wasn't even mildly curious to who it was. I don't open doors. I wasn't expecting anyone, my house wasn't on fire, I don't open doors.

It's funny, I watch tv shows and people open doors. Someone knocks, they open their door. I find I'm  kind of amazed by that. My new addiction has been Nip/Tuck. I could go on and on about what a terrible show that is. I watch it, but it's kind of like smoking crack, I know it's bad but I watch it anyway.  For God's sake they had midget sex in Season 4, how exploitive is that? But I watch it....and what always amazes me is how Christian opens his door. If there was ever anyone on Earth who shouldn't just open his door, it would be Christian Troy.

Anyhow, the point doors are closed and locked. Physically, emotionally and in every other way I can lock them. What's in is in, nothing else gets out, don't knock.

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