Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sloth Like Sundays

Here I sit after taking 3 hours to watch Julie & Julia, pausing to clean, call the landlord about a heat problem and running to the store to get the ingredients for the potato salad I'm craving. I also picked up the ingredients for Bloody Mary's and am now enjoying the perfect Bloody Mary made with my brother's home made Worcestershire sauce and my home made pickled green beans made with my Dad's homemade pickle brine. It's a wonderful experience and I have to say my brother's Worcestershire sauce is so good I wanted to lick the spoon I stirred it with. Who knew you could make that stuff?

I had heat issues this morning. After layering shirt after shirt and wondering why I couldn't get warm I realized it was because the temperature in my apartment was dropping lower and lower and was at a not comfortable 62 degrees. After a phone call to my landlord he was here, johnny on the spot, and discovered a problem that could have cost him a boiler. I felt like a hero! Yay me!

Oh let me tell you about my two new discoveries. One is my Pledge Pet Hair cleaner. If you have pets this thing is wonderful. Just sweep it over the hairy spot and voila! It picks up the hair and doesn't leave that sticky residue those tape thingies leave.  Zoey seems to want to challenge me on how many times a day I will use it by somehow managing to shed more hair than I even knew she had on my couch. Ha! I'm winning. I just grab my little pet hair picker upper and sweep it over the spot and my couch is once again unfurry.

My second awesome discovery is a new skin oil that my very talented and ambitious niece makes. I asked her for some samples to send to a few girlfriends and she nicely included an extra bottle just for me. I used it this morning and I love, love, love it. I'm hoping this might coax the pimple that has taken lodging on my cheek into submission. I will be sending out the five samples to a few girlfriends but if you are curious or think you might like some you can check it out on It's great stuff.

Ok, enough of the commercial announcements this morning. On to my potato salad. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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