Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Reflections from the Window

I love Saturday mornings. I don't have to get up, but I do...because who wants to waste a day where you don't have to go to work.

I took my car down for it's emmissions test today. I had to, it's got to be registered by next week and I've lollygagged as long as I can. I love the word lollygag. I want to lollygag all the time, but I'm not rich enough to lollygag. So I work, and on Saturdays I lollygag. Anyway, my car passed...just in case you were holding your breath waiting. Now I can lollygag.

Another one of my favorite words is plethora. I have a plethora of paperwork I need to file, but maybe I'll do that later, today I'm lollygagging.

Next week school starts. I have to take math. I think it's unfair that I have to take math. I'm 50. I have a job, bills and a checking account. I can obviously do some kind of math. Can't they just give me credit for having gotten this far without ending up on a street corner with a sign and a cup...or a short skirt and no discretion?

I've been reading the news about the tragedy in Haiti. It sure makes you count your blessings. I have a plethora of those too. I have the ability to lollygag on a Saturday, warm and secure in the apartment I pay for out of the checking account I balance with the money I make from my job. Those poor folks are living in tents and looking for their loved ones and burying them by the thousands in mass graves. No one should ever have to do that. I thank God for the ones that have survived and the kids that they have allowed to come here to the families that can keep them safe and warm and they too can lollygag on a Saturday.

I had a dream last night....about my granddaughter and her Mother. It's a long story but it made me sad. One day I'll tell that story, but not today. I have another granddaughter waiting to make her entrance into this world we live in. She should be here any day now. I'm going to focus on that.

Back to lollygagging. Have a safe, warm and happy Saturday.

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