Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st, 2010

I have to practice writing 2010. I kind of like it. Its full of nice even numbers and can be divided easily by 2.

Well the new year is here. I'm a fan of new years although I've noticed they're coming closer & closer together. Is someone stealing days, maybe even weeks, from my years? When you're young it seems like everything takes so long to happen: Growing up, getting your license, your first date, turning 18 and then 21, school drags on FOREVER. Then you get to be my age and the only thing that seems far away are those days of things taking forever to happen. My oldest son turned 31 on Christmas day. 31!! I remember when I thought I was too young to date someone who was 31, now I'm the Mother of one. What the heck happened here?

The news has been weird lately. Is anyone as relieved as I am that the terrorist on flight 253 was wearing clean underwear? Wouldn't that have been embarrassing for his Mother if he hadn't. Granted, not as embarrassing as her already having to deal with the fact that her son is a psycho nut, but still. The poor woman has enough to deal with.

Did you guys read about the woman who was caught in a stolen van with a blood alcohol level of .70? Geez, after about .50 you gotta wonder how she even got the bottle to her mouth. Maybe she was having it pumped into her system intraveneously. I wonder if she had on clean underwear.

I doubt Charlie Sheen is having good holidays, but Tiger Woods should send him a thank you card for taking the focus off of him. Jon Gosselin had a break in, now they're saying it was a hoax. I'm not sure who staged the hoax but I have my ideas. Even with the threatening note stabbed into the wooden furniture he barely got a paragraph. See, Jon, that's what happens when you think you've got something you don't, mainly any kind of talent or anything interesting or redeeming to share with the rest of us.

Did you know the name Miley is increasing in popularity? Seriously folks, it wasn't her name to start with, it was baby talk for Smiley and now you're saddling your poor daughters' with that?  There's a woman who will never be able to lie about her age. Besides Miley Cyrus is an odd little girl. I watched her show once and there was something about her that just gave me the heebie jeebies.

Did you see the supposed picture of JFK with the naked women on the boat? TMZ didn't have much to say once it was proven to be an old playboy photo shoot, but even if it hadn't, who didn't know that JFK liked to diddle with the sweet young things? Um, Marilyn Monroe! Hellooo!

Well that's the news for now, at least the part that caught my attention. I hope your first day of the New Year is a good one, and all those that follow just get better.


  1. As for the woman with the HIGH blood alcohol content. I doubt at the time she even could remember what underwear was much less put any on.
    Makes my liver ache just thinking about her...also makes me want a cold beer!

  2. That's funny. Watching Intervention has the same effect on me.