Sunday, December 27, 2009

Asta la vista Christmas the New Year is just around the corner...

So....Christmas was great. Well except that working part, but hey, I'll take time and a half, I'm not made of money and I don't have a Sugar Daddy....yet. Geeez, just thinking that I realized that if I wanted a Sugar Daddy he'd have to be about 75 or so...ok, I'll just work holidays.

I spent one day at my sister's and the next at my brother's. After spending almost the last 25 years alone at Christmas, this is like Disneyland. I make food. I MAKE FOOD....and people eat it, and they don't die or have salmanella in the morning. I remember when my kids got older and I started cooking for the holidays. They would come over and say "You can tell it's Thanksgiving, look at all those boxes and cans." Hey, I did what I could for someone that never quite fit, never grew up,  that didn't know where she belonged & flipped like a fish out of water until I landed here.....back with my family.

I have family in New Mexico. Important family. My kids are there and my flesh and blood friends are there and for my year of hard work I'm treating myself to a trip back I can hug people and look into their eyes and they'll know me and I'll know them and it will be like warm fuzzy pajamas for a week. Then I'll come back here where I got warm and fuzzy pajamas for Christmas and my nephew told me he'd help me with my math class, and when I go to a party people look like me and they have the same last name and the same memories....and that's warm and fuzzy all in itself.

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