Thursday, December 10, 2009


I know some of you can hear that title in just the way I do. "Glee!" I love this show. I've watched it from the beginning and the only thing about it that makes me sad is that I'm not going to see it again until April.

I read an article today about the shows ending, I almost didn't read it because I watch most of my tv after the fact and didn't want it to spoil the show. Well I think they did a great job.

This show makes my heart sing. I think the only problem I have is that I always want more songs from those kids. Sue Sylvester...well we know she'll be back, meaner and madder than ever. Yay!

Will caught Terry. Good, she was a conniving liar of a wife anyway. Who fakes a pregnancy then still bitches about anything else? She gets him a car? Oh good because that would make me not think about sex for the next 4 months.

Emma did good, well up until that last minute. Because up until then I was going to give her a DHH award! She acknowleged, she admitted and she owned. (Some of you will know just exactly what I'm talking about).

The kids...well they're just the kids, going through all the things that if we didn't go through personally, we knew someone that did. Only they do it with music. I wish I would've had the Glee Club singing out my problems in highschool. I can't sing, but I certainly would've cheered them on.

Did you see the last show. Here it is if you didn't.

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