Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday mornings

Well, it's Monday...again. How does this keep happening? If there was one thing I would eliminate, given the power, it would be Monday mornings. I despise them. I never feel rested, I never get enough sleep and I never get anything done over the weekend that I say I'm going to. Monday mornings are almost always a rude reminder that I spent the weekend being a sloth.

If you're a fan of Monday mornings, please raise your hand.

See, I knew I wasn't alone in this. Mondays suck.

But here I am, in exactly 4 minutes I'm going to get in the shower, shortly after that I'll figure out what I'm taking for lunch, in the mean time I'll be taking one more step toward getting ready to leave the house, because that's what Mondays are, a series of steps designed to get you back into the real world. I want to go back to bed, I want to pull the blankets over my head, I want to call in sick and just stay here ONE MORE DAY.....but I can't and I won't and that just isn't going to happen, so look out world, here I come. Ready or not.


  1. I love Mondays.....only because it's my FRIDAY...Love reading your thoughts.....keep them coming babe.....Love ya, Tam

  2. Right - O, K.Z. Monday mornings SUCK (IMO), but then again so do Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, too.

    I can handle Fridays other than it would mean getting up to go to work. Oh well, Friday is a 1/2 day, so won't B***H about it.

    The best days will always remain Saturday, and Sunday mornings. Children are old enough not to want to come play trampoline on my matress at 6 a.m. anymore, so it's sleep in until my hunger drives me out from beneath the covers.

    Oh, the week could be sooooooo good if it started Friday afternoon, and ended on Sunday evening.