Wednesday, December 16, 2009

News Update 12/16/09

In the news this week. Ok....some guy won Times Man of the Year, I don't even know who he is. Probably my bad.

The Duggars had their 19th child, early. Now I have nothing against people having as many children as they want as long as they can afford them, but I think Michelle needs to put the brakes on here. Their whole philosophy of the older children taking care of the younger ones seems fine, until one of the younger ones has a whole boatload of problems the designated older one didn't count on.

Did you hear about the tourists who accidentally had breakfast with the President? How cool is that? I wonder, though, how many people are going to show up "accidentally" on the wrong day of their tour from now on.

We have here some of the best quotes of the year

PeeWee is back!
I have to say I have missed him and his talking chair. I thought he got a raw deal. We've seen many who have done more and got less punishment than ol' Pee Wee got.

They're suspecting foul play in the disapearance of the Utah Mom. Oh really? Like the husband going on a camping trip with toddlers in winter weather to make s'mores because he forgot it was Sunday wasn't enough to make it suspiscous?

Ok, about the kid with the Jesus cross....I haven't made up my mind completely about who is lying here. His Dad says it was over the picture, the school says the Dad is lying. Well now we go back to my philosophy about liars..."When somebody lies only the sane people think they're crazy: Somebody is lying, so who is crazy, us or them? I don't know who the liar is but the school says there were many more issues, Dad says it was over this picture. I'm thinking I'm siding with the school on this one, unless I hear differently. Parents haven't been stacking up well in the books lately.

There was another "study" about young city girls and STD's. It involved 381 girls from the same area...well hell, if I was one of those 381 girls and they didn't send me out of town to see if my chances were better or worse, I'd feel cheated. Unless the ratio of boys to girls was significantly higher, what did they expect? Just who exactly did they think those 381 girls were sleeping with?

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