Thursday, December 10, 2009

No News is Good News?

Well folks, I've been scouring the news for interesting articles. Lately not too much has caught my attention. Thank God the Gosselin's are finally out of the news. Oh wait! I saw an article that said the Kate Gosselin was waitressing at a restaurant in VA. I thought the woman finally decided to do something besides exploit her children and her manbaby ex for a living...but alas, she was "trying something up for a potential new show". I don't know what it was but I can't imagine watching her waitress would be much more interesting than watching her cry while she talks about how sad her children are that there aren't cameramen all over the house anymore. They probably miss having someone that actually played with them off camera.

The big storm wasn't so big here. It mostly just got cold. We had some snow that required plows outside my bedroom window for two hours the other night...I think 1 a.m. until 3 a.m. is the PERFECT time to plow. Maybe we could get those garbage men to change their arrival time from that late morning 5 a.m. to this so much better 1 a.m. It would be like a big engine orchestra out there. I can't wait until they start breaking out the snow blowers at 11p.m. like they did last year. I may not sleep until Spring! You know, the pictures they paint of winter in Wisconsin are always full of deer and laughing children in snowsuits, fires in fireplaces....not the banging of snow plow blades on the pavement and garbage trucks that beep and roar and arrive before the crack of dawn.

Oh, I did find one really funny article about Tiger Woods. No really....this one was funny! I know you're all sick of him but you gotta check this out, this was great!


  1. Well, I saw the news, and the pictures of WI were nothing but masses and masses of white snow everywhere. Probably some from way up north. Those canadians send their garbage everywhere (LOL). I can type that because Karmen doesn't read this here.

    Send some snow here. It is suppossed to start getting cold this week-end, here. They say it will snow tomorrow (Friday) here in Frankfurt, meaning we may get 2 flakes ( one of the flakes is probably the weatherman).

    I sure could use a bit of snow, haven't really had a good bout for many a year. My winter tires are starting to melt to the pavement, if it doesn't get COLD fast I'll be down to the rims by Christmas.

    Well, now, I'll just fade into the background and eagerly await your next Blog entry.

  2. Well William, we have very little snow but lots of wind and freezing temperatures. You're more than welcome to come camp out here for the cold spell....bring your tires.