Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Life Has Carpal Tunnel

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend doing, un-doing and re-doing the same things over and over? I have. As a matter of fact sometimes I lay in bed thinking about it. "Now I'm going to have to make this bed in the morning, I should've just slept on top of the covers."

Does a clean kitchen make you hungry? It does me. As soon as I get my kitchen really clean I want to cook something.

Laundry! I loathe laundry! I gather up all that dirty stuff from my bathroom floor, my bedroom floor, the backs of chairs, on top of the hamper, and of course IN the hamper, shove it into a big blue bag that says "Laundry Bag" on the side (isn't that just adorable?). Then I grab my soap and haul it to the laundry room.

Oh, but first I have to count quarters, find the key to the laundry room and check the time, because my laundry room isn't open until the cleaners get home from church. Seriously? What about us heathens? Why does a laundry room need to be cleaned before I can wash my clothes anyhow? Isn't the fact that it's a laundry room kind of make you think that most stuff in there is pretty clean anyhow?  Personally I prefer to do my laundry by the light of the moon during those odd hours that I am awake because I don't want to mess up my bed or there's still more wine in the box. If I ever get rich I'm buying disposable clothes...

Have you ever cleaned your bathroom and then really had the urge to go to a truckstop to shower and do your morning constitutional because by God you just cleaned all that stuff?

Last week my shower broke. I'm standing there enjoying the warm water and pondering the fact that this "Biggest Loser" guy said the best thing about losing all that weight was that he could now wash his back and wondering if I lose some weight could I wash my back because I haven't been able to reach my back for the better part of my life...but anyhow, suddenly I hear a pop.That little thingamajig that you pull up to make the water come out of the showerhead drops and there is no water coming out of anywhere.

Now you know that had to be a Monday morning, showers never break on Thursdays, but because I am the kind of woman I am I got that sucker to work by fiddling with the handle long enough to rinse off. I remind myself to call the landlady later after they open to get it fixed. All of a sudden I realize I'm going to have maintenance men in my apartment (just the fact that any man is going to be in my apartment kind of freaks me out in a sad sort of way. I cleaned before the delivery man brought my new bed).

So there I am, naked and wet (believe me, it's not as hot as it sounds, but thanks for thinking it might be), scrubbing my tub.

Don't get me wrong, I clean my shower on a regular basis. I even wipe down the walls after my shower to avoid all that stuff that requires scrubbing bubbles (thanks for that tip, Mom), but I don't always move those assorted  half full/half empty bottles of various bodywash, shampoos and conditioners that we women like to collect.

My tub got cleaned, so did my sink and my toilet (for good measure), dirty clothes were removed from the bathroom floor and placed in the hamper and my shower got fixed. Then the lock on my front door broke......

My life has carpal tunnel, I wonder if there is a special kind of brace I could wear?

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